Training Stream Management

Training Stream Management was (KT0563976-P) founded on the 21st of May 2019. (Formerly known as Triumph Resolution) Since its establishment, Training Stream Management has been providing varies highly dedicated and professional services such as Professional Trainings and Certifications.

Training Stream Management provides these services through a team of highly informative and knowledgeable counsellors and trainers. Apart from Malaysia, Training Stream Managemental so has been training students and candidates Internationally to get themselves expose to the studies and jobs out of their motherland. Our success comes from connecting students and candidates to their respective sectors and enhancing the correct pathway.

Besides the mentioned service, we also participate in welfare projects organized by non governmental organization (NGO), awareness campaign and many more. Our motive by doing so is to create a close and harmony relationship as well as gaining trust by the candidates and clients.

Professional Trainings
HRDF Trainings
On Job Trainings
Soft Skill Trainings

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